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All you need are the ingredients!

Top tip: Fresh is best!

Vegan kale stuffed mushrooms

Portobello Mushrooms x 12

Flat leaf kale x 5 Bunch

Leeks - sliced x 3

Garlic - sliced thin x 4 cloves

Olive oil

Toasted pine nuts - handful

Toasted slithered almonds - handful

Salt, pepper, nutmeg for seasoning

Vegan feta cheese - 1 block (or normal feta if you are not vegan)

Panko bread crumbs and Nutritional yeast to sprinkle on top

Remove the stalk from the mushrooms and place on a tray.

Slice the leek and garlic and cook off with a good glug of the olive oil. After it has just started to caramelize add the sliced kale and cook down till soft.

Toss in the nuts and mix well - season with the salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste.

If you find it too bitter you can add about 2 tbsp of maple syrup but I quite like that bitterness from the kale so left it out.

Spoon the mixture out onto the mushrooms and crumble the vegan feta cheese on top followed by a few of the Panko breadcrumbs - then bake at 180C till cooked through - about 10 -15 minutes.

Serve on a platter with nutritional yeast over the top like Parmesan.

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