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All you need are the ingredients!

Top tip: Fresh is best!

Ollies Matzoh Ball soup

2 cups Matzoh meal

3/4 tsp Baking powder

1/8th pint Chicken broth - low sodium, 365 brand from wholefoods

1/4 tsp Ground white pepper

1/4 pint Chicken Fat

1/4 pint Cold water

8 Eggs

1 1/2 tsp Knorr Chicken Bouillon Powder

In a bowl beat the eggs chicken fat and cold water together

Mix all dry ingredients together

Add dry to wet and mix - place in fridge for one hour to absorb and thicken - it will be pretty wet to start and you'll think no way you will make balls from it

When ready I scooped with the number 24 ice cream scoop and rolled gently by hand to smooth off - should be light and still soft but will make balls - easier if kept cold. To make them rounder I chilled them for a while and rolled again by hand into balls.

To Cook - Use the chicken broth - at least 8 pkts of it so you have plenty of broth - Cook in the chicken broth - for 30-40 minutes - turn off and they will sink when ready. (as it cools)

taste the broth - add a little of the Knorr bouillon to taste - not too much but enough to give it a bit more flavour - don't want it too salty

Note - When serving we just give one ball each now in the flatter bowl - NOT the deep consomme bowl

Freeze the soup in batches of 4 balls and plenty of broth

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