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All you need are the ingredients!

Top tip: Fresh is best!

Croissant Dough

500g strong white flour

125g water

125g cold full fat milk

10g dried yeast or 20g fresh yeast

10g salt

50g caster sugar

55g egg (1 small)

200g butter

eggwash - 1 egg with a pinch of salt

* Make the dough the day before and rest in the fridge

* Mix the dry ingredients then add all the wet ingredients except the butter and work into a dough

* Cut a cross in the centre of the dough ball and cover and rest for an hour

* Flour surface and take the dough - starting at the centre where the cross is

roll out the four corners to make a square shape,

* Flatten the cold butter and place in the centre then fold over the four sides

* Roll out into a rectangle, fold into thirds and leave to rest for 15 mins. Then repeat.

Roll dough to 4mm thick and cut into strips 20 cm wide, using large knife cut into triangles.

Starting at the long side roll up each triangle and place on a baking sheet - cover and prove for 2 hours

eggwash and bake at 220C for 18- 20 mins

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