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Luxury yacht private chef 

Oliver has been working professionally as a private chef on board luxury yachts for the past 10 years. 

He describes the experience this has given him as a unique opportunity to travel and use some of the best ingredients the world has to offer. His passion to deliver high quality food daily is fueled through his love of food and the possibilities it brings.  

Recipe development has been a large part of his career, having to constantly change dishes to accustom diet restrictions - from classic French and Italian to South Beach diet, Pritikin and raw vegan.

With this website Oliver aims to document what he has learnt and what he is still constantly learning though his position working on the yachts and also as a family man.


Please browse the recipes and feel free to ask questions....."blog posts here will range from basic cooking techniques and classic recipes to some modern molecular cuisine recipes and places I visit whilst travelling".

"We never stop learning in this industry....constantly developing and experimenting. "

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